1-800- Gotta Have It

Had lunch with my friend Melissa who owns Sweet Home Quilt Shop in Conyers,we were talking about this amazing little light! (it was also a discussion at Crow meeting).. Well I absolutely love the thing! Melissa just got a shipment in, which was her second one, and she said the things are flyin out the door. The new shipment models have a push button on the side that turns the light on VERY COOL. They even sell an adapter sew you can move the light from machine to machine. How cool is that? The light is so great you can preform brain surgery with this little baby. whooooo hooooo I love my toys.I’m tellin you if you don’t have one now….YOU WILL! (ok don’t all stampede to call the shop)

I’m so excited I am going to go to Marietta with my friend Rosalyn. She wants me to help her pick some fabrics for a new quilt. We are both working on secret surprise gift quilts as well. Now! here is my problem. I haven’t seen the inside of a quilt shop in two months due to my recent surgery. This spells economic trouble. I went nuts yesterday at Sweet Home…..and now I’m going to Little Quilts and Tiny Stitches…. OH MY! Well I guess I can look at this as a contribution toward the economic well being of our country right???? Patriotic…my civic duty….I’ll wear red, white and blue! That’s it! I feel so much better now. (judging from the damage I did at Sweet Home I better call Mary Ellen at Little Quilts and Maetha at Tiny Stitches and have them add an extra staff worker tomorrow!)

I’m sewww going to spend the day in my sewing room and work on my newest design. I have the whole day ahead without interuptions (I hope) so here I go! Oh a little sneak teaser….the name of my newest pattern will be Pinwheel Parade (I think) …. I love the design and can’t wait for everyone to see it and give me some feedback. Here I go!