– John Hay

Why are there crows in the picture?? Well yesterday I spent my day with my sewing group “The Crows”. They are the prolific quilters and very talented women. They are strong willed people who could run the universe FOR SURE!!! When a “Crow” is in trouble is group comes to the aid at the speed of light. I know this how??? They have lifted me up and kept me going through some rough surgery (and other life experiences)

I would love to describe what it is like to be in a quilt shop with 12-15 crows. Rather like standing in the middle of a sunami. You have NEVER seen so many bolts of fabric fly off the shelves and fabric chipped off the bolt. Fat quarters….oh heck.. these byrds by fabric in VOLUME they buy fabric by the bolt just so no one else will get it, and if one crow screams you gotta see this…well honey that bolt is Toast, everyone has to have some. We have even been know to have fabric drops brought to our meetings and retreats from local shops just because the shop owners know one call from the crows in need of fabric could be a worth while venture!!! Think of fabric as “crow food”…

Then there are the trades…..OH MY…….We plan quilts and trade blocks, fabrics, strips…etc etc etc. We have been known to have 3 or 4 trades planned at one time. YES SIR…ITS A FULL TIME JOB BEING A CROW Oh! did I mention that a group of crows is called a “MURDER” Believe me you will want to murder someone when you are up all night making blocks for a trade due the next morning…………. I’m sure I will have MANY funny crow stories in the future. CAW CAW HERES TO YOU MY CROW SISTAHS!