One of the kids…Strawberry Pie….Such a versitile quilt. I have seen this quilt made in “Line specific” fabrics and it blows me away… or just scrappy. I heard the other day that the quilt is made in black and whites at Heritage Quilt Shop in Newnan Georgia. My friend Kristie made in with applique’ childrens fabrics and animals. Some of the Strawberry Pie sister quilts are being added to my web site.
Well I spent all day today in the office getting ready to work full steam ahead. I have not been up to sitting and writing in the past couple of months BUT I’M READY NOW!
On a personal note I started working out at the gym…zowwwiee….It was actually like having an out of body experience. While I was swimming wondering if it was really me kicking my way across the pool (this is not what I usually do at 8a.m)…that is a miracle in itself! I’ve never been a dedicated gym person but I’m giving it a try now!
I’m going to get to the studio tomorrow and prepare for production up there! I have several new designs to develop and I am anxious to get to work on them… I’m thinking of working on a block of the month program to debut at Fall Market… hummmm