Ah! There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort.
-Jane Austen

I’m basically a home body at heart. That is why I’m so happy to be here today updating my blog! Thanks to all who read my blog it has become another sweet blessing in my life!

Ok! so I asked last week if you sew shoes on or off. I got the most hilarious answer this weekend to my question. Anne W. my friend and club member showed me what she thought about my question. So I snapped a picture. She has a start/stop button on her Janome and she demonstrated its most effective use. What do you think??? I think I peed in my pants when she did this in class.

Then there is Suzanne…one shoe on, one shoe off! I love it.! Perhaps I should take a poll on the type of clothing worn while sewing. HMMMM.

I was teaching all weekend and I decided to ask my friends Kristie and Sue a question, oh and Anne the one with the foot in the picture above got in on this as well.. I hoped they might shed some light on a block/quilt I have been working on lately which is giving me FITS! I actually had asked Debbie and Kathy the same question so I wanted to see what these two friends view would be on my mystery block. (this is me doing some investigating!) WELLLLL, did I open a can of worms! To make a long story short I started to DROOL when Sue tried to explain to me that the problem was the Square Root x 2 of the Hypotenuse of the triangles. She has got to be kidding! Meanwhile, Kristie was quietly making a new road map of the block with graph paper… It was hysterical. Of course I said “All I want to do is make a flag/patriotic pattern! Square Root of the Hypotenuse”…which one of those lines is the hypotenuse anyway, I’m a first grade teacher!!!

Well, we had a ball and I’m off to make yet 4 more prototype blocks to see if we figured out how to fix the problem. Once again I love my friends Kathy, Deb, Kristie and Sue and Anne, you guys are the best. They are proof that having friends that have the LEFT SIDE OF THEIR BRAINS FULLY ENGAGED IS A GOOD THING. (
Speaking as a primarily right brainer myself.)

On a personal note. The DH decided that we could “clean our new home better than anyone else” and we should have a cleaning party TOGETHER...once a week. This big event will begin this afternoon at 4 pm. I CAN’T WAIT. I have contacted a lawyer and a marriage counselor. Think of me as we have this lovely marriage/bonding experiment today. I’ll probably be shoving the swiffer….well you know…………use your imaginations.

More later,