“I cannot count my day complete ‘Til needle, thread
and fabric meet”
-author unknown

WELL I’m nothing if not determined! Did I mention that I hate my glasses! So here I go again off to the doctor to attempt to wear contact lenses. We tried this little effort two years ago. I tested out no less than 7 different kinds of contacts and either I couldn’t wear them comfortably or the vision was off…So two years later and I’m going to try again! I should do a U TUBE video of me sticking the little suckers in my eyes every morning. It’s quite the process. Not very pretty I assure you! I HATE HATE HATE wearing glasses. (I think I made that clear already)

I spent all afternoon yesterday in my sewing room working on a new design. Lookin’ good maybe I can post a picture soon. I have also been thinking about my scraps. They are such an issue! I’m purging my sewing room of a lot of patterns, books etc etc that I just don’t need… and I’m thinking of getting rid of the scraps. I may have a little sewing room sale or something! It’s all great stuff , I just need to eliminate a good bit of it. If I were to go to the “great quilting bee in the sky” I’m sure anyone who would look through all my sewing stuff would be convinced I was sicker than they thought. It could even be used in a court of law as evidence of insanity! What do you think? Are scraps an issue for you?

This weekend is Sisters weekend at the shop…Can’t wait! I have a Friday day class 10-3 a Friday night class 6-11pm and Sunday 1-6pm. It’s always a fun weekend. My classes are usually packed on the third weekend of the month so we should be ROCKIN’ THE HOUSE tomorrow! I’ll take some pictures and post them next week.

I guess I better go to the sewing room for a couple of hours because I won’t have any vision later on in the day! Monovision which eye do I sew with and which eye do I drive with? If you live in Georgia you might want to get your affairs in order as I will be out there driving with my new eye balls.