I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard 3 rules for living a successful happy fulfilled life I thought they were very good. It went something like this (hope I get this right)

Rule #1: Celebrate your uniqueness because we are ALL UNIQUE!
Rule #2: THINK carefully about EVERY choice you make because we are all a product of our choices.
Rule #3: Give 100% to everything you do!

Here is another picture from my Chattahoochee Evening Star Guild lecture Monday Night. It is of my Twinkle Twinkle pattern GONE FALL. I just love it! The ric rack makes it extra easy and Friendship Star blocks are one of my favorites to make.

Tonight is Sisters…so I’m teaching tonight and tomorrow. WOO HOO it is always a good day when I’m going to my club peeps (my daughter is now embarrassed at my choice of the word peeps.) The 5 hour classes enable everyone to visit and get loads of sewing time in. I’ll take my camera.
OK so the manicure and pedicure didn’t happen yesterday so today is the day! WOO HOO. Then I’m going to hit the sewing room for the remainder of the afternoon until I have to leave for the shop. This day just keep gettin better and better.