So Much Fun!

“Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be” -Grandma Moses

My day with Rosalyn was so much fun on Saturday. We chose fabrics for our secret gift quilts we are making (hint we both have daughters getting married soon!) We did our part for economic recovery smiled and laughed all day. Little Quilts was PACKED it was end of bolt day (yes we took advantage of that). I don’t usually quilt shop on Saturdays…….zowieeeee. My sister in law came and she was buyin it up too! She is another wonderful quilter. I enjoyed playin’ with the fabbies at Little Quilts with them both.
Monday night I was honored to give lecture at the Chatahoochee Evening Star Guild……..What a fantastic group of quilters. I had so much fun with them. They were so interactive! I love to play with the quilters in the crowd and they enjoyed laughing along with me! I will post some pictures of my quilts over the next few blogs. Thank you so much ladies (and gentleman) for a lovely evening. Quilt boy aka husband enjoyed the trip as well (he shelps the quilts and patterns around and he is terrific.) I hope to see this group again sometime. Here is a picture of my latest “Peace In the Valley” quilt made from Civil War Reproduction fabrics. I just love it. The second photo is of the original “Peace in the Valley” in Green and Gold. I love it as a scrappy quilt as well as a two color option. Fun quilt huh? I think I’m going to leave off the applique’ on the Civil War version. It’s off to Peggy B. to be quilted very soon.
I love quotes, I have collected them for many years so I’m including them in my blog. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.