A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars
author unknown

Ok so here we go! Stitch In begins today at 9 am. and the committee woke me up at 4 am……not good! I think this is much like a kid on Christmas morning I can’t wait to open the presents. The presents are coming to me in the form of 40 women armed with sewing machines, rotary cutters, snacks and laughs. They are all wonderful and unique little presents each bringing their own personalities and joy to this wonderful event. We sew from 9 a.m. to 9 pm for 7 straight days. Yes folks I am not kidding!

Oddly enough when I think of quilting I really don’t think of any one quilt or fabric or sewing machines or even my sewing studio. What I think of are these women and the women (and men) whose faces I see during my classes, lectures and workshops. FOR ME it really is all about the people. I love it sew much. I love the bonds that we have made over the years and I love the healing power I have witnessed through quilting (that is soooo amazing). I’m not being sappy either! I could tell stories that would last for days about all this stuff (much of which would make you smile and cry at the same time). I am including a couple of pictures from the Winter Stitch In with pictures of this weeks festivities yet to come. Here are some of the quilters enjoying a facial during our week together! We had massages too….so see it’s not ALL about the sewing.

I am meeting Sarah and Susan at Sams, we are loading up the carts with food for the week. MY MY we can’t sew and not have goodies. We usually each lunch in the shop and dinner is on our own. This is the scary part…there are several local restaurants that obviously have caller ID on their phones. When I call to order food for the group they answer the phone with “Hi Pat what can we get for you today?” Now when I die I would NOT like to be remembered by the local eateries in the greater Snellville, Grayson, Lawrenceville area OKAY???

Have a quilty day,