Follow your bliss, Find where it is and don’t be afraid to follow it.
-Joseph Campbell

I am 1 hour and 46 minutes late for my Thursday update on my blog… When I say I have been on the run even more than usual, I’m NOT kidding!!!

My SIL is here and we just left the sewing room. We got a VERY LATE start to our sewing because we were shopping at Intown Quilt Shop and Sweet Home Quilt Co. We had a total blast as usual. I particularly loved that Tricia was away (even tho she was hooked to her Blackberry and constant emails from her office) from her work which keeps her so busy 24/7. She is a terrific quilter (perfection) and enjoys it so much. It is a real stress reliever from her pressure cooker job. She also cranks stuff out like you would not believe!! She was telling me that she sews at night but does not get to her sewing until around 9 pm…Zoowie! I’m horizontal reading a book by then!

Yesterday was the Mother of the Bride dress shopping day from #$%^&*()(%$%^&. Well we just won’t even discuss it. Today Tricia went with me and I found a dress after she slapped me into my senses (not literally). I needed another set of eys and I think we found a good look for me. I’ll be wearing Eggplant which is good cuz I’m shaped like one!

Here is a tiny peak at what I’m working on. As I have said before I am bringing 3 projects/designs to the finish line at the same time. I don’t usually operate like this but this time it just happened. This is a teaser picture. You won’t guess what this actually is. Will be posting very soon, SHHHSHHH it is a secret right now.

I really MUST get some sleep. I don’t usually sew into the middle of the night. I used to do that but those days are over.. Night Night.

Have a quilty day (I know I will!)