Write in your heart that everyday is the best day of the year

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The evidence is in! Below is a tiny portion of my stash closet and the method I use for folding and storing fabbies. I love to keep my fabric closet and sewing room as tidy as possible. Bottom line…I don’t function well in chaos.

And here is the proof of my design chaos. An effort to find and audition THAT PERFECT BLUE FABRIC. I will use in a tiny strip of blue in the newly perfected blocks along with 28 other different fabrics. So you see I HAD to seek out that most perfect blue, otherwise the entire quilt would have been TOAST…..YES people the evidence is in….CERTIFIABLY CRAZY!! And I LOVE IT!

My sister in law is coming to spend three days with me (she lives on the other side of Atlanta). We are going to work on our neutral Bloomin Nine Patch quilts (or at least SHE IS, I may be finishing the above mentioned quilt). I’m really looking forward to our own little stitch in. She works full time so this extended sewing time will be a vacation for her and we can spend some quality time together. We plan to visit Intown Quilters and Sweet Home before we lock ourselves in the sewing room and sew our brains out! Tricia has not visited either store (that big career of hers gets in the way all the time!)

Tomorrow is pick out the Mother of the Bride dress. Oh I just can’t wait! Everyone asks me what color I’m wearing. Now what kind of question is that? Here is the answer…What ever fits and doesn’t look frumpy. More later on this experience I’m sure.

Have a quilty day,