The difficulty of life is in the choices.
-George Moore

I have been thinking a lot about choices and coming to very difficult decisions on what paths to take in my schedule. Choices and change can be so hard and so wonderful at the same time! I have recently made a big change in my teaching/club schedule which is so near and dear to my heart I cannot express the words I feel. I’m going to open up my schedule a bit in the next few months and then begin some new adventures in very early 2009. Change is coming and I’m looking forward to the growth it brings me personally and hopefully fun is in store for lots of Silver Thimble Club members! I’M WORKING ON IT DAILY!!!! I’m not being coy (well maybe a little bit) but need sometime to make some adjustments. Stay tuned for further announcements.. I’m Pat and I approved this message.

Look at the two ladies in the photo…they are club members with a PAST... The photo is of Carla and Pam and THIS is what happens to HIGHLY RESPECTED EDUCATORS WHO RETIRE AND TAKE UP QUILTING!!! They walk around smiling and laughing when they once were teaching Calculus. These women shaped and formed the mathematics BRAINS of High School Children!! They are now running around with fat quarters in their hands and constantly laughing…oh if those kids could only see them now!! AND CHECK OUT THOSE SUN GLASSES!!! Oh and by the way these are only two of the retired Mathematics geniuses that are in my club!! I’m surrounded by them. Remember the Hypotenuse incident??? In my other life I was a first grade teacher…..all I had to be concerned with was making sure everyone knew where the bathroom was…now I have students check my math….Hey who is the teacher anyway???

This weekend Cheryl brought in her Star Gazing quilt. It is so soft and blended…very different version of the quilt. I just loved the quilt. I had to share it today. And here is a knock your socks off red white and blue quilt. We raise the quilt and pretended it was our Olympic quilting flag…fun fun fun… I tried to steal both these quilts but it didn’t work out so well. But Barbara offered to let me sleep under the patriotic quilt at her new home in the mountains..and I will be taking her up on that offer!

DH is out of town until Wednesday night so I’m putting the pedal to the metal and scratching off things my Monday list like a mad woman.. Will post some more pictures of quilts from this past weekend later.. What till you see Gretchen’s Peace in the Valley….whoo hooo (tried to steal that one tooo!).

Have a quilty day,