I pray you….your play needs no excuse.
-William Shakespheare
My choice of a quote is appropiate for what I am about to do! I have no business setting aside three quarters of the day tomorrow to play…the “list” is massive…the wedding looms….market looms….home, patterns, meals, family, friends, emails, updates, laundry, shopping, ironing, 2 charity projects, the very special quilt that is a secret, photographing new designs, binding, magazine submissions, book submissions, and on and on and ON.
Guess what?? I’m so excited !! I’m heading out tomorrow with Debbie and we are going to the East Cobb Quilt Guild to hear Mary Lou Weidman…The Hoochy Mama quilter IN THE FLESH.. I am going to enjoy it too! I’m not going to think about the list…I’m not going to even look at my PDA….I’m going to be a student and enjoy this lady and my day away. Her style is so fun and free and I have been wanting to do something really different for some time now. HERE I GO! woo hooooo… We leave at 8 am and I don’t even care that we are going to be in the massive Atlanta traffic. Pat is going to enjoy the day. We plan to put a cherry on top of this lovely event by stopping by Little Quilts to see the Primitive Gatherings quilt “A Primitive Garden” which is on display! They are making this kit as a Block of the Month program. OH BOY I KNOW I AM GOING TO HAVE TO BE REAL CAREFUL!
(I this IS THE PART when I will have to remember the TO DO LIST).

From Hoochy Mama to Primitive Gatherings…that is quite a mixture for one day. Can I relax and not beat myself up for not working on my list…we will see! I gotta get some sleep I have a big day tomorrow. (I’ll take pictures!)

Have a quilty day,