Quilts are our art, the way we express what we feel about life.
-author unknown

This is a picture of my Pickets and Posies pattern which was done by Lynn R. at Silver Thimble Quilt Club at Little Quilts…How cute! She made the pickets different sizes and also made little YO – YO napkin rings! I love the brown pickets that they put in her kit. They still have more kits in these fabbies at Little Quilts.
I may want one my self!!!

My friend Becky asked us to post 20 wishes…Here I go….this is tough.

1. I wish that my children have these things throughout their lives.
A life long love of learning
A loving partner to walk with through life
Physical fitness so they can lead a long and healthy lives
Lives of integrity and spiritual contentment
Work that brings them great pleasure
2. I wish that DH and I would live our lives together forever (and we will!)
3. I wish that anyone who suffers could find peace
4. I wish that children of the world would never know a day of unhappiness
5. I wish that I could have one more day with my father
6. I wish that I could have one more day with my mother (not on the same day with dad)
7. I wish for honesty in all conversations
8. I wish to be reminded of the dignity in every person I meet
9. I wish to let go of past hurts
10. I wish I could be more frugal
12. I wish I could read more (time)
13. I wish I loved to exercise
14. I wish cancer could be cured (lost both mom and dad)
15. I wish DH would find great happiness in his new venture (second career)
16. I wish to travel more with DH
17. I wish to kiss my great grandchildren
18. I wish democrats and republicans would realize how foolish they ALLLLL ARE!
19. I wish to have dinner with these people all at one time:
Chevy Chase
Whoopiee Goldberg
Ellen DeGenerous
Billy Chrystal
Robin Williams
I figure I would need DEPENDS because I would laugh so hard
20. On the same note I would love to meet the following people:
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Mother Teresa,
George Washington, Michaelangelo, Andrew Wyeth, Abraham Lincoln,
Queen Elizabeth I, Jane Stickle (what was she thinking!), and the person who chooses
designers for Moda, P&B, Benartex, Maywood, Windham Fabrics (they need to meet