The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.
-Emily Dinkinson
I did something yesterday I don’t do nearly enough! I planned to be in my studio, not an unusual event…it is also my work. I gathered my ice and diet rite and water bottles (gotta keep hydrated!) made a healthy lunch…went upstairs to sew and said I was not coming down stairs all day! I usually listen to a book or music on my ipod or flip the TV on. However yesterday….I turned on the silence. The only noise was my sewing machine. I realized I don’t do this enough. Silence is a very good thing. I enjoyed my day so much! The quiet was wonderful. Don’t get me wrong I love love love my ipod and particularly my books on tape…but a day of complete silence was so relaxing. Often times I take a few hours of silence rarely a whole day. I think the background noises need to be muffled from time to time it does the soul good what do you think?

Here is the quilt I promised. It is Gretchen’s version of my Peace in the Valley quilt (she is adding borders). I love the fabbies in this one! She offered to let the quilt visit Houston this fall. Yippeee!!!
It is so yummy!

I finally finished the 12 Smart Bags for the Bridesmaids and other friends. My daughter is giving them to her friends on their Bach
lorette weekend at the lake. The DD can fill them up with goodies…I began the project at the Stitch In but had never sat down to sew the buttons on (an OLYMPIC EVENT! thank you NBC for the diversion) . Whew! CHECK ANOTHER PROJECT OFF PAT’S TO DO LIST!!!!.. They are so cute, but let me tell you sewing 48 buttons through all those thicknesses was no picnic. I made them from the “Portugal” line by Moda. Very sweet! These smart bags are so much fun and very handy little bags. The buttons dress them up and add a lot to the bag…But 48 Buttons!!

Okay so yesterday was so much fun I think I will do a repeat. I have set a lofty goal for myself in the sewing department. I have several market projects in the works and I have set the end of next week as the finish line for a special gift quilt. This quilt is time consuming so I don’t know if I will make it in addition to the other stuff on the quilting, writing, charity quilts, etc etc list but I’m sticking to the list and off to the studio! Wish me luck..and progress!

Have a quilty day,