To affect the quality of the day, is the highest of arts.
-Henry David Thoreau

This is the stupidest thing I have done so far this week……..and it is only MONDAY.
Well it is cleaning day…I decided to clean in the a.m. I am better in the am with these kinds of things. The DD can come home at 4 and work on his list…as for me I shall CLEAN IN THE A
.M. On goes the music out come the rags and swiffers and dusters and all that jazz. I was having a “cleaning like you mean it” celebration. I was filling the laundry room sink with hot water and Murphy’s Oil soap preparing to clean my MILES AND MILES of hardwood floors. The phone rings. It’s Becky she is having hip replacement on Wednesday and we have so much to chat about. It was a good chat! Back to the floors, back to the laundry room……….I LEFT THE WATER RUNNING IN THE SINK! Yes people in the middle of my pristine clean home, in the middle of DROUGHT STRICKEN ATLANTA…….I decided to have my own personal FLOOD. So I used all of the 10 million towels I own…sopped it all up.. (thank goodness the floors in the laundry room are tile), stopped the flood before it reached the hardwoods. WHEW that only set me back on my cleaning schedule about 45 min..(plus the conversation with Becky) Ok so now I have all these wet towels AND I MEAN THEY WERE WET. I finished my cleaning and threw a load into the washer, took a shower and went to run a quick errand. Came home and DD was in the laundry room with another flood! As it turns out you should NOT put very wet towels in the wash…too much water I guess! This presented another problem as I had to explain the first stupid flood…As I said stupidest thing I’ve done all week and it’s just Monday. I’ll see if I can top this feat as the week progresses.

I really should forget about cleaning on Mondays and stick with this… What do you think?

Have a quilty day,