To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.
-Emily Dickinson

As usual there is so much happening I could blog and talk forever!! But alas I have writing and sewing to be done. I checked out my daughter and future son in laws wedding web site and the countdown to the big day tote board said 104 days left. After I picked my self up off the floor and said goodbye to the paramedics who came to revive me….the realization that the wedding is in 3.5 months has certainly settled in. There is more…if the wedding is in 3.5 months that means that International Quilt Market in Houston is in 3 months…I called the paramedics and told them to come back and they might as well fix themselves lunch because I was going to need them on a regular basis. That being said I have much to do!!!!

My friend Sarah came over with the best CD of pictures from the Stitch In!! She did a wonderful job of getting everyone and so many shots when no one was looking!! I wanted to share this photo which is our tally board of fun!!! We counted finished projects…Bobbins…and yes some people got their names on the board (with extra tallies for some)!! It was all hilarious and added so much to our event. Here is a smiling Leslie with her paper pieced veggies…Wonderful HUH?? Just one of 96 completed projects during the Stitch In.

Ok so now for something so neat and such a kick for me. My friend Chris who is a member of the Silver Thimble Quilt Club at Little Quilts made this quilt which is my Friendship Crossing quilt pattern. DRUMROLL PLEASEHERE she is with the quilt hanging at the quilt show in SISTERS OREGON!!!! Way to Go Chris!!! I was so tickled and honored that she chose this quilt to enter!!! The quilt has a lot of sentimental stuff going on for me as my friend Sandy and I worked on this design..the pattern is dedicated to her. It is one of my very favorite designs and I’m so happy Chris chose it to go to Sisters Oregon. I’m doin the happy dance and isn’t the quilt spectacular??

Ok so I am writing 4 new patterns and getting them ready for proofing. I’m so pleased with my new designs that will be making their debut in Houston… 3 months…………Gotta Go Let the PARAMEDICS IN NOW………