Every second is of infinite value.
– Johann von Goethe

Well so far the fall out from the new VISTA computer has been minimal. I really like the new format for Word etc. There is a bit of a learning curve but basically all the old stuff is there and some cool new stuff so I’m ok with that. However…I’m really sad that my Palm Pilot will not SYNC with the new computer. I talked to the Palm Pilot people yesterday and basically their software is not compatible with the new 64 bit technology. I think that is just WRONG. Heck my EQ5 and EQ6 work just fine with the computer…What is wrong with those Palm People??? I sooo love my Palm Pilot my whole life is on this little thing. I simply cannot go back to a paper calendar and lets not forget my contact list, always at the tip of my fingers! I’m hoping that there is a magic program out there that can convert/read my Palm software and make my little palm pilot happy again. I still have all my info stored on the handheld I just need for the handheld to talk to my PC! Surely Bill Gates and the gang would not make me have to resort to a Palm Pilot such as this one… I mean come on…people! It may come to me having to purchase a Blackberry or something like that! I’m slightly over making too many more technology changes just prior to Houston Quilt Market and Wedding! So for today I’ll be using the Palm Pilot pictured here!

Debbie and I are worked on our BOM we are debuting in Houston this fall. Things are moving along. I’m really thrilled about this project. I will take a picture of the quilt and post it soon. (its on the list for today!) We are developing 3 different settings (one thimble, two thimble and 3 thimble settings) for the blocks so that people can choose the setting that fits them the best! It takes a lot of work to get a program developed like this (back to that writing process etc.) but we are a good team and things are lookin good!!!!

I went to guild yesterday and tried to put aside my TO DO list for a couple of hours and relax. It didn’t work! I just needed to be here working on the list and feeling good about that. I know that I need to stick with my little quote above and I will be fine..Keeping focused on making the most of every little second.

Ok the committee #$%^&*()@#$%^&* woke me up at 4 a.m….I may need a little nap later but right now I’m going to get dinner going in the Crock Pot (yum yum…Sirloin Tip Roast cookin away) then I’m going to the studio and I’m not coming down all day….Sewing my brains out…..making the most of every second right?

Have a quilty day,