The quality of our expectations determines the quality of our actions. -Andre’ Godin

Well the computer Gods have not been with me lately. It seems that my computer is stressed. When I was told this I laughed out loud! If I am managing to NOT BE STRESSED when my “To Do” list is on a spread sheet (and I’m not kidding) HOW IN THE HECK CAN MY COMPUTER BE STRESSED??? The thing failed it’s diagonstic check and it seems the hard drive is ready to blow. Could be in minutes…could be in a year. Thank goodness for external hard drives and back ups to keep me safe! So… I’m going to buy a new computer. While still managing to keep myself blissfully calm I go shopping I find myself not in my studio but in the world of bits and rams,bites…programs… So my problem is this, I want lightening speed (keeps that stress down if I don’t have to wait in between clicking) and I want enough memory to store all the information of the world especially the quilt world! Not to much to ask right? Well it seems that my EQ6 is a mystery to the computer geeks of the world and they can’t tell if the program will run with the higher technology..blah blah blah. I have the upgrade program from EQ5 so that is the real problem. So this morning I will be on the 800# to the EQ people in Ohio to find out if I can use both programs or if I will need to purchase a whole new EQ6. Meanwhile my computer is still stressed POOR BABY!!!!

The order of the day in Silver Thimble land is Binding, Binding and more Binding. I love to make and whip stitch bias binding to my quilts. Good thing because I have 4 projects I just got back from Peggy. Her long arm work is wonderful and she turns projects around in lightening speed (I’m seeing a trend here toward me needing things to move along quickly!) I completed the binding for a tree skirt and gave it to my friend Julie for a Silent Auction benefitting a friend who has breast cancer. I hope it brings in some $$$. Check another To Do item off the list.

Well it is time to introduce my Sophie to blog world. She is a “MESS” as we say in the south. Basically Sophie is a good dog with “issues”. This is why she has earned the nick name “Osma Bin Doggie”. She is a sweet dog with terroist tendencies she also looks a lot like the real Osama. I was laying out the above mentioned quilts to be bound and she decided to pop a squat right on top! As I layered on quilt after quilt she would not move. She decided to ignore me and catch a little shut eye. See what I mean about issues? You can also see by the paws and beard that she has been digging again (she is searching for her relative Osama…well you get the picture.)

Debbie and I are working on our BOM for market. I THINK the name of the quilt is going to be “Around the Corner” not for sure yet. We are planning to offer lots of options for setting this program up in shops. I’m very very excited. Also, Melissa aka “Bad Melissa” of Sweet Home Quilt Co. is launching the first internet based Silver Thimble Quilt Club! So excited about this I can’t even tell you! She is launching her new kick butt web site and Silver Thimble will be a part of it! wooo hooo!!!!!!!!! Be sure to check it out. Melissa is blogging as well. This is ALLLLLLLLLLL GOOOOOOOD.

Gotta settle the computer issues
Have a quilty day,