The really happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.
Boy oh Boy have I had some detours to be “happy” about this week! My week started with my book club reading what we all agreed was the WORST BOOK in the history of our club. So bad that only two of us (NOT ME) managed to finish the book!!! We read a lot of really good books but this one was universally HATED by the whole book club. So if anyone wants to read it let me know I have a hard bound copy of the thing I will gladly give you! I don’t usually buy books but the library had a long waiting list (I need to contact everyone on THAT LIST and warn them). The best part of the book club was sitting on Sues’ lovely screened porch and enjoying the evening, dear friends, candle lite..drinks and snacks! See what I mean about that quote?

Then we have the computer issues…. I got a new computer and had it installed, just paid the Geek guys to do the work we don’t have time or energy to get everything hooked up. I am now working with VISTA and my new 64 bit/tons of memory computer. I am adjusting well to my new SANDBOX. It is actually pretty cool! I had heard VISTA was a nightmare but I honestly don’t know what the fuss is. Kristie reassured me that all would be fine and she was right!! Maybe I have surprises in store but as for now we are all playing nicely in the Sandbox.

The computer junk set me back on my massive TO DO list. This is where I have tried to remind myself of the above mentioned quote…oh those detours!! I have writing that needs to be done and sewing sewing sewing. Today is a sewing day, tomorrow and Sunday I will be writing (this is where I will really know if VISTA is going to be a problem).

I’m going to see Becky tonight and spend sometime with her as she is recuperating from her hip surgery. We are going to do some handwork and have a good visit! (I have 6 projects needing binding in preparation for market!) I’m taking dinner for us so eating is involved as well. Sounds PERFECT!

Thinking of all the people on the Gulf Coast and praying they are safe!

Have a quilty day,