We are all still children. We want to find a playmate for our thoughts and feelings.
-Dr. Wilhelm Steckhel

While happily sewing away I reached for a seam ripper telling myself that mistakes are opportunities to learn again! WELL this led me on a voyage of discovery in my own excessive quest to own every sewing notion on the planet….IN DUPLICATE….AND EVEN MORE. Yes, people I am here to confess in cyber space I AM A NOTION JUNKIE! There I said it! I think I’m going to form a 12 step program for people such as myself (come on..I know you are out there). Here is the proof of my illness.

I mean people 6 seam rippers within reach of my sewing machine. (I highly recommend the white handled clover one obviously I have 4). Then we have 5 rotary cutters. How about the collection of Mary Ellen’s Best Press and 505 Basting Spray. Well obviously I was thinking of ironing and basting 10 thousand quilts and was afraid I would run out. (are you seeing a pattern here?) How about 2 copies and an entire notebook dedicated to the Country Threads “Garden Club” quilt…this is just a small indication that I have been know to purchase duplicate patterns and books (it’s just too ugly to photograph). And then there is the MAC DADDY WALL OF RULERS…really didn’t our ancestors make quilts with a candle and needle and tread??? Yes, MY NAME IS PAT AND I’M A NOTIONS JUNKIE!

P.S. While I’m confessing this is just some of the stuff in my studio…I have duplicates and more downstairs and in my travel kit. (I’m so ashamed!)