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Learn how to feel joy.

Ok so look who I found sitting at the Moda booth placing an order!! Yes people it is Bad Melissa. I wonder what she has in store for us at her shop and her new web site!! HMMM could spell trouble people start saving your $$$$

These are the most precious girls who were my neighbors at market. On the right is Jessica and her pattern designs are Bananafana Designs. Check the patterns out at her blog/pattern site

She is precious and so was Miss Meghan who was with her. She was the hottest thing going on at Market! It is so nice to see so many young people/designers getting so much attention. GEE
I sound like a dinosaur! And here is the skirt she wore on the first day of market. She said she thought I should make one and wear it. Sweet Jess but….NO I’m sure somebody would have me arrested. But Jessica sure looked adorable in it.

Here is a photo of my booth and Jessica’s booth side by side. I think it is like Christmas past and Christmas future. I’m gettin those lanterns…very fun!!

Bunny Hill/Anne Sutton was wonderful to me when I first visited market and was contemplating starting my own pattern design business. I visited her and got to talk to her and informed her of my stalking abilities through her blog. She is so warm and welcoming just like her designs.. I’m grateful to her and thankful to have a new friend. Here is her booth. So soft and lovely.

And then there is Kathy…as they said in “When Harry Met Sally” I want what SHE IS HAVING!!! Only a true fabaholic can have good fun on the loading docks!

Gotta go..more tomorrow…QUILTS. You won’t believe the quilt show!!!


The unthankful heart …discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart…will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.
– Henry Ward Beecher

Home From Houston!!

I’m so thankful today. Safely home from Quilt Market with my buddies. Exhausted, happy, grateful and thankful for the wonderful time we spent in Houston. Market is such a special and different kind of experience it is difficult to describe. Here is a picture of one isle of the floor. It is big to say the least. Shop owners have sooooo much to choose from when they come and businesses have so much to do at market it is no wonder that we all walk around with glazed over eyes by Monday!! But it is all GOOOOODDDDD.

Here are a couple of photos of my booth and Kathy and I playing around. The new BOM program was real popular and of my new patterns the Tree Skirt and Body pillow got tons of attention! I will be posting the patterns on my web site soon.

There is so much to tell I could write for days…but right now…I need to unpack and find some clean clothes!

Will post tomorrow,

PS. Oh I kinda bashed in the side and bumper of my rental Suburban vehicle…not good I guess I’ve got some SPLANIN TO DO!

Happiness walks on busy feet.
– Kitte Turmell

If the above quote is true…then I am ecstatic! I still have internet access so my luck is holding out. I am having a ceremony in honor of my useless Palm sad.

As for quilting right now it is all about Market preparation and I’m getting there. The flyers, the schoolhouse presentations, the new pattern tweeking, the accomodations, the renting a huge vehicle to get us to Houston and back (wheww good thing gas prices are falling a bit) and of course the wondering what Quilt Market will bring this year. I guess everyone will be thinking that attendance will be down due to economic concerns, but I’m going to approach this with the attitude that we will have the best market ever.

One of the things I’m really excited about is the new BOM program my friend Debbie and I have colabarated on. It is unique in that we have 3 different settings for the blocks…one thimble those looking for easy settings, two thimbles for intermediate (I love this one) and three thimbles which is specaular!! The three quilts are made in three different color ways and each one looks so different! I can’t wait to post pictures. Why does all this stuff have to be such a secret??? I just hate it. But I read a lot of other designers blogs and they are feeling the same thing. Here is a picture of my Peace in the Valley quilt and its backing. It is going to Houston ! I can’t remember if I have posted about this quilt.

My future Son in Law got to see his wedding quilt. I was going to take a picture of it…and look who jumped under it. Picture needed more light..but you can see the quilt a little better. Well sort of! I have made 4 of these Bloomin Nine Patch quilts (there is actually another one under the Son In Law. Good thing I only have one more daughter cuz I don’t think I can do but maybe one more!!! It is a wonderful future heirloom but WHEWWW!! LOT-O-WORK. (they are worth it!)

Ok so we leave for market one week from this Thursday..It’s pedal to the medal and on to the finish line week!

More later..have a quilty day,

What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it’s all about??

-author unknown

So after waiting to get my internet back in gear last week….it went out again FOR THREE DAYS. Called for help from the Geek Squad help line and was on the phone for 4 hours and 45 minutes. Yes people you read it correctly! I was insanely angry and was told at the end of this process that they could not fix my problem over the phone and would have to come to my home…at a higher $$ rate….The DH was out of town golfing (of course!)…and called that evening and asked what I was doing. I told him I was in bed after my phone experience with Geek Squad…with a beer and a bag of
heetos. ok I admit it..I had hit rock bottom…Well 36 hours later my Geek guy came and fixed my problem no $$$. Well I hope so, perhaps he was told that I intended to burn down the Geek offices like Sherman burned Atlanta. I don’t know but the problem is solved..we think.
And I’m sorry about the beer and Cheetos.

My family had the loveliest weekend last weekend (intended to blog about it on Monday…read above paragraph). The bride was in town for her first Atlanta shower. My dear friends Julie and Suzanne hosted a shower in her honor and so many dear friends were there to make the day so special. I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to me to have my friends and Emily’s friends there to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Look at the yummy food and how about that bride! I’m going to her house to have cookies! I wonder if she knows how to use that pan!

And here is the brides quilt. I made her an all neutral Bloomin Nine Patch quilt. King ZIZED..It is big enough for Omar the Tent maker! It is so lovely and absolutely glistens. I’ll try to get a better photo of the whole qui
lt. (I’ll need a wide angle lens teehee) The picture shows Emily and I holding the quilt and my younger daughter(the maid of honor) and her Godmother(and shower hostess) laughing because she told her it really stinks to be number two doesn’t it? and she didn’t use the word Stinks… Like I said it was a wonderful happy day!!!

Then the weekend got even better for the Maid of Honor…she got her acceptance into Nursing school!!! So you see my heart is full to bursting! I’m so proud of these lovely young girls, and so humbled to have such wonderful friends. (I wish I could take a decent picture…oh well can’t have everything!)

If I wake up and still have internet access I’ll post tomorrow. Or I’ll be at the Geek Squad office with my gas can and matches.


Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.
-author unknown

After being out of town on quilt retreat with my sewing group “The Crows” and then teaching a class at Little Quilts and rolling right into a mini stitch in at the shop I was anxious to get life back to normal (haha…what IS normal). Then my internet service gets interupted for 3 days!! Hence my absence from blog land!

There is so much happening right now I can’t even begin to list it all. So I wanted to share a hilarious event which happened last week. “Ode to my Cell Phone”

I left the mini stitch in at the shop to run home and feed Sophie (Osma Bin Doggie remember?),and get my Compact Flash Card for my camera. While jumping back in the car…I didn’t want to miss a minute of the mini stitch in I put my cell phone and camera card on the roof of the car. Well you can guess what happened. Yes I was driving down Web Gin House Road (a very busy road which runs in front of my subdivision) and I hear a clunk clunk clunk. Looked in my rear view mirrow and see my phone bouncing down the middle of the road. I should have driven on and gone straight to Verizon to buy a new phone but I thought...”I’ll turn around and see if maybe I can save the sim card with my contacts.” There was my cell phone in the center turn lane mouth open like a baby bird!! Well after waiting for at least 20 cars zizzzing by me in both directions I make a run for it to snag my phone.“Surely I can out run that oncoming school bus I said to myself!” I bent over HINEY to the sky…got the phone, and dashed for the side of the road. Whewww. Alas, no memory card and no back…my CELL WAS A SHELL. Hark! I see the memory card and the back 20 or 30 feet away still in the center turn lane…could I be lucky again???. You guessed it another mad dash with one recovered surgical knee and another bad knee awaiting surgery…more bending over in traffic OH MY good thing you didn’t see that part…more dashing to the side. I put the phone back together and INSTANTLY THE THING RINGS…’s Gretchen! “Where are you? she says…….” and now you know the happy end to my story…..This endorsement of Verizon products was approved by ME! Oh by the way, Compact Flash Card…probably stuck to the tire of a school bus.

Will post more later…so much to tell!