Happiness walks on busy feet.
– Kitte Turmell

If the above quote is true…then I am ecstatic! I still have internet access so my luck is holding out. I am having a ceremony in honor of my useless Palm Pilot..so sad.

As for quilting right now it is all about Market preparation and I’m getting there. The flyers, the schoolhouse presentations, the new pattern tweeking, the accomodations, the renting a huge vehicle to get us to Houston and back (wheww good thing gas prices are falling a bit) and of course the wondering what Quilt Market will bring this year. I guess everyone will be thinking that attendance will be down due to economic concerns, but I’m going to approach this with the attitude that we will have the best market ever.

One of the things I’m really excited about is the new BOM program my friend Debbie and I have colabarated on. It is unique in that we have 3 different settings for the blocks…one thimble those looking for easy settings, two thimbles for intermediate (I love this one) and three thimbles which is specaular!! The three quilts are made in three different color ways and each one looks so different! I can’t wait to post pictures. Why does all this stuff have to be such a secret??? I just hate it. But I read a lot of other designers blogs and they are feeling the same thing. Here is a picture of my Peace in the Valley quilt and its backing. It is going to Houston ! I can’t remember if I have posted about this quilt.

My future Son in Law got to see his wedding quilt. I was going to take a picture of it…and look who jumped under it. Picture needed more light..but you can see the quilt a little better. Well sort of! I have made 4 of these Bloomin Nine Patch quilts (there is actually another one under the Son In Law. Good thing I only have one more daughter cuz I don’t think I can do but maybe one more!!! It is a wonderful future heirloom but WHEWWW!! LOT-O-WORK. (they are worth it!)

Ok so we leave for market one week from this Thursday..It’s pedal to the medal and on to the finish line week!

More later..have a quilty day,