Learn how to feel joy.

Ok so look who I found sitting at the Moda booth placing an order!! Yes people it is Bad Melissa. I wonder what she has in store for us at her shop and her new web site!! HMMM could spell trouble people start saving your $$$$

These are the most precious girls who were my neighbors at market. On the right is Jessica and her pattern designs are Bananafana Designs. Check the patterns out at her blog/pattern site

She is precious and so was Miss Meghan who was with her. She was the hottest thing going on at Market! It is so nice to see so many young people/designers getting so much attention. GEE
I sound like a dinosaur! And here is the skirt she wore on the first day of market. She said she thought I should make one and wear it. Sweet Jess but….NO I’m sure somebody would have me arrested. But Jessica sure looked adorable in it.

Here is a photo of my booth and Jessica’s booth side by side. I think it is like Christmas past and Christmas future. I’m gettin those lanterns…very fun!!

Bunny Hill/Anne Sutton was wonderful to me when I first visited market and was contemplating starting my own pattern design business. I visited her and got to talk to her and informed her of my stalking abilities through her blog. She is so warm and welcoming just like her designs.. I’m grateful to her and thankful to have a new friend. Here is her booth. So soft and lovely.

And then there is Kathy…as they said in “When Harry Met Sally” I want what SHE IS HAVING!!! Only a true fabaholic can have good fun on the loading docks!

Gotta go..more tomorrow…QUILTS. You won’t believe the quilt show!!!