Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.
-author unknown

After being out of town on quilt retreat with my sewing group “The Crows” and then teaching a class at Little Quilts and rolling right into a mini stitch in at the shop I was anxious to get life back to normal (haha…what IS normal). Then my internet service gets interupted for 3 days!! Hence my absence from blog land!

There is so much happening right now I can’t even begin to list it all. So I wanted to share a hilarious event which happened last week. “Ode to my Cell Phone”

I left the mini stitch in at the shop to run home and feed Sophie (Osma Bin Doggie remember?),and get my Compact Flash Card for my camera. While jumping back in the car…I didn’t want to miss a minute of the mini stitch in I put my cell phone and camera card on the roof of the car. Well you can guess what happened. Yes I was driving down Web Gin House Road (a very busy road which runs in front of my subdivision) and I hear a clunk clunk clunk. Looked in my rear view mirrow and see my phone bouncing down the middle of the road. I should have driven on and gone straight to Verizon to buy a new phone but I thought...”I’ll turn around and see if maybe I can save the sim card with my contacts.” There was my cell phone in the center turn lane mouth open like a baby bird!! Well after waiting for at least 20 cars zizzzing by me in both directions I make a run for it to snag my phone.“Surely I can out run that oncoming school bus I said to myself!” I bent over HINEY to the sky…got the phone, and dashed for the side of the road. Whewww. Alas, no memory card and no back…my CELL WAS A SHELL. Hark! I see the memory card and the back 20 or 30 feet away still in the center turn lane…could I be lucky again???. You guessed it another mad dash with one recovered surgical knee and another bad knee awaiting surgery…more bending over in traffic OH MY good thing you didn’t see that part…more dashing to the side. I put the phone back together and INSTANTLY THE THING RINGS…’s Gretchen! “Where are you? she says…….” and now you know the happy end to my story…..This endorsement of Verizon products was approved by ME! Oh by the way, Compact Flash Card…probably stuck to the tire of a school bus.

Will post more later…so much to tell!