The best romance is inside the marriage: the finest love stories come after the wedding not before.
-Irving Stone

Boy this quote is so true. How do you tell a young couple so much in love that you will love your mate
even more in 20 or 30 years than you do on the day of your wedding??
We are in full wedding swing. I can’t believe I’m even checking in on the blog! So much is going on I think my head is going to spin right off my shoulders. It’s all good but WOW! I took some pictur
es of the wedding program we work so hard on!
And then there is the packing of all the stuff to be t
aken down town to the hotel, church, reception site etc etc. Sophie just had to get in the picture. I think she is worried that she won’t make it for the wedding. (and she would be correct.
During all the pre wedding festivities I gave Emily some family heirlooms. This week I took a
hankerchief of her fathers that had his initial on it “A” . I embroidered here intial E on it, and cut some of the lace from my wedding dress and added it tot he outside edge of the hankie. It is so lovely this picture does not do it justice. The florist is going to wrap it on the handle of her bouquet and also put her first communion rosary on the handle as well. She will be holding in her hand when she walks down the aisle both her mother and father who love her so much….
OK now I’m melting down………
gotta go!
oh after the wedding I want to tell you about this little baby!

Quilt something today because I won’t be!