If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.
-author unknown

Wedding over…what an event! Everything went off so well. The bride and groom were beyond radiant, so in love! The service was wonderful and the reception was a total blast. EVERYONE was dancing primarily because the band rocked the house. I’m hoping NO ONE HAD A CAMERA in their hand when they put the mother of the bride and groom on the stage and we “shook our tail feathers” at the audience…….oh please let there be no evidence of this!! I’ll post a few pictures of the wedding as they come in….but now it is back to quilting!

Rolled right from Market into wedding so I may back track a bit. Our (Debbie’s and mine) Block of the Month attracted a lot of attention during market. I think primarily because we are offering 3 different setting options. (one, two and three thimbles for levels of difficulty!) Here are the 3 options. Same block…but oh are they different huh?
Which one do you like the best? Tell your local quilt shop about us!

Another of my new patterns that people went nuts over is Slice of Christmas this Christmas Tree skirt has been extremely popular in the Atlanta area so now the whole world can find the pattern right here! Or at least that is the plan anyway. The pattern includes directions for two different styles of skirts. Straight seams and slant seams. With the straight seams you end up with one skirt. With the slant seams…you end up with two. Very fun!!

Ok so now I’m back in the swing (well kinda). I’m going to improve my posting and get to sewing. I have not sewn since before Market. I think if I don’t put a needle and thread in my hand soon I may IMPLODE!

Have a quilty day
ps no tellin how these pictures will upload to blogger!