In the present every day is a miracle. -James Gould Cozzens

The house is quiet. Everyone is sleeping and I’m taking a few minutes to update my blog. Our wedding is 2 weeks away and we are in full swing. Programs are being formatted and prepared..what a time consuming job! Dress fittings, and a hundred other details are swirling around. Finding the wisdom to enjoy the present and not get bogged down in what needs to be done. Emphasis on wisdom not the easiest thing to do! I have so enjoyed these months of planning with Emily.

I wanted to show some pictures of the Quilts at Market. This is my fourth trip to Houston Market and I think the Quilts on exhibit were the best I have ever seen. There was a KILLER exhibit of Daughters of the American Revolution quilts that was amazing (no photography allowed). I just looked at each one with my mouth open. Here are a few of the other quilts….Some eye candy for ya’ll.