Laughter is the best preservative!

I went to Little Quilts on Saturday to visit their Silver Thimble Club. I had so much fun. They were making my newest pattern “Slice of Life”. In the process we dreamed up some great ideas for tweeking the pattern and adding some extra trims and stuff! I love it when we get together as quilters and think up all kinds of ways to add and change things. As a designer people ask me if I mind if they change my patterns……HECK NO….it is the highest compliment to see other people make things with their own twists and perspectives……..YOU SEW GIRLS!!!

Also, Mary Ellen (Little Quilts Queen Mother!) sent me this picture of the Slice of Christmas tree skirt Pam Wright made in my class …she made it in BLUES very cool. Just makes me want to light a fire in the fireplace and drink a cup of Hot Chocolate!! Nicely done Pam!!!
Also, last week I said I wanted to show you some of these pictures. Well the story of these quilts is typical in the “Adventures of Pat” side of life. We were packing up my booth in Houston and Kathy said Mary Ellen had asked if we could transport some of the Blackbird Design quilts back to Atlanta. (Blackbird Designs won best single booth in Houston) Well! I had not gotten out of my booth much in Houston. I did zoom past the booth but never really got to stand at the shrine and worship…..I’m a fan of these designers to say the least!! Little did I know I was actually about to have custody of the quilts. DANG… I drove the 600+ miles knowing they were in the back of the vehicle. Well, we get to Kathys late at night and I got to see them in the dark on the driveway……FOILED AGAIN………… So I’m telling Debbie about all this and WHAT DO YOU THINK WE DID??? Me with wedding looming and ten thousand other things more important to do. We jump in the car and drive to Little Quilts to worship the quilts properly. I HAVE MY PRIORITIES.. This Christmas basket quilt makes me crazy I love it so much. and check out those borders. In the other picture there was a quilt with jumbo rick rac. I love the way they tea dyed the ric rac and then put the binding on the back…very smart. Ok so this quilt and others are in the book When Cold Wind Blows by Blackbird Designs (aka Barb and Alma). Get it and if you make the Christmas quilt could you just make an extra one for me?????

Have a Quilty Day

PS. I’m thankful for my quilting life, job and friends!