We are each angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.
-Luciano de Cresenzo

I went with friends to visit another friend in the hospital last night. We laughed with our girlfriend and hopefully spread some cheer around her hospital room. We are all quilters stitched together with strong threads of friendship. I’m so glad we went and thrilled she will be on the mend soon!

Now here are two more Silver Thimble goodies from market. I love the body pillow so much. It is a fast and fun project with a lot of visual appeal. The name of this pattern is Wrapped in Comfort. Both my daughter want one for their beds HMMM. I love it in the neutrals and I think it would be great in all shirting fabrics..hmmmmmm. Maybe I’ll just go sew this afternoon.

Then there is Pinwheel Parade. Now this quilt it fun! Again after I design a quilt I want to see it in other color ways. I’m thinkin Civil War Repro.. I can’t make every quilt I design over and over … but I sure like to see the designs with everyone else putting their own spin on them. Send me your photos and I will put them on my web site and blog.

Ok so here is the funny story of wedding week. The night before we were to begin the wedding festivities I flushed my cell phone down the toilet. YES the same phone that went bouncing down Web Gin House Road. My daughter and I raced to get me a new phone (right after our manicures and pedicures…we have our priorities). I was telling the Verizon guy about my cell phone HITTING the road thing and now I was having the toilet incident. He looked at me and aked if I wanted insurance on the phone and I looked at him and said “NO, I don’t really need that”. Well, you can imagine the look he shot ME!! Got the new phone drove home…and the DH had the toilet sitting in the front yard. Mr. home repair impaired was trying to fish the thing out of the toilet…it was stuck to say the least. Got the phone out and I am happily reporting that the throne is back in business! I love my life…it’s always an adventure!