Constant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship.
-Dorothey Parker

I am enjoying this holiday season so much. I decided that with so much doom and gloom this year that THIS holiday should be extra happy! I have been to 3 holiday gatherings and enjoyed the visits with lots of old and new friends. I have two more parties left to go, one of which is the annual gathering of “The Crows” we always have such a good time, I just can’t wait!

I also decided to spend more time at home and less time running around like a crazy person and boy is the at home time good, good, good. I love to cook so I’m trying new recipes and planning some menus for my family. The craziest thing I have decided to do ( and why I picked the holidays to take this project on…) is to clean out some drawers and closets. I have been on a organizational frenzie! Go figure…during the holidays…Usually I do this in the Spring!!! I took 9 bags of clothing to a charity organization. I have labeled and tagged everything. Sewing room is next on my hit list. I must be nesting or something! The funny thing is that I wasn’t THAT unorganized to begin with…Maybe I should seek professional help for this need to organize.

I’m almost finished with my book “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle” and I really am liking the book. Here is the next book my book club is reading. I’m looking forward to this one as well. This is a true story and I’ve been told the book is very uplifting and inspirational. PERFECT! I’m thinkin’ a good read at holiday time!!!!!

Melissa, Mary H. and I were judges at the Grayson Quilt Guild on Moday night. That was BIG FUN. Debbie and I did a guild talk there a couple of months ago. They are a warm and fun group with lots of great things going on. And boy can this group COOK! They announced their raffle quilt winner...dang it was not me..but I’m thrilled for the person who won. I took my camera…and when I got there I realized I left the memory card in my computer. (this is what leads me to that organization thing mentioned above)…Now I really need to focus on boosting the memory bank……..This may be a more difficult issue!

OK so I’m off to the sewing room. I hope I remember what I was going to sew when I get there!