The fastest way to reach new heights: Just grab some string and fly those kites
-author unknown

What a fun evening we had last night. Jeannine, Mary Carol, Jan and Pat four chicks at the Neil Diamond concert. So! we go out to dinner prior to the concert, we sit down and look at the menu and out come the reading glasses! What is wrong with this picture? We had our sparkles on…and we can’t see! Oh well off to see Neil. We were comforted by the group that was at the Gwinnett Arena. YES folks….probably the majority of the people there would have needed reading glasses as well!! But we all rocked out and Neil put on a great show. Jeannine and I picked out two of his back up singers and decided which ones we thought WE WERE! I’m the one in the middle…Jeannine is the one on the left…WHAT FUN!!!! oh how I wish I could sing cuz I would sooooo jump on that stage and dance!

I finished my Winter Wonderland red work. What a fun project. Here is a not so great picture I took just before I finished it…I’m going to start another hand work project right away. I think it is going to be the house quilt by Black Bird Designs I mentioned months ago on the blog. It is something I think about often and on my MUST DO l so I guess I should make it a New Years resolution for ’09. On second thought…. I’ll just put it on the list of life accomplishments……it stands a better chance on that list.

What do women do the morning after a concert??? They quilt OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where are those Gingerbread recipes people?? Come on I know you are out there!!!