The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. -Thomas Jefferson

We had a lovely day yesterday. I wanted to share with you the morning beverage (if you are a non drinker…so sorry) We drank RAZMOSSAS as we opened our gifts. It is a family favorite…very fruity and refreshing.. Here is the recipe:


1 can (lg.) concentrated lemonade
4 cups Cranberry Juice
1 cup Raspberry Liqueur

Mix above and freeze. It will not totally freeze because of the alcohol. Add Asti or Champagne to taste. This mixture would use about 2 bottles of Champagne (I am partial to Asti).

Dip the rim of your glasses in either Cranberry Juice or Liqueur and then into sugar..I do this the night before…You can also drop a few raspberries in the glasses as you serve your drinks.

Here are some pictures of the slushy stuff and a glass (with most of the sugar gone!)

The kids are at the mall and I am home cooking chili waiting for them to come show me their Christmas haul from the sales. Several years ago we started hiding money for them to find on Christmas morning. This year we hid money for both girls and Russ!!! That was fun. I realized they were better off finding clothes and stuff they really like and they love getting $$$$ and hitting the mall early on the day after Christmas.. During the money hunt they could not find one of the $100 dollar bills!!….as they say…. “A sure sign of Alzheimers setting in is when you can hide your own Easter eggs Dang, Andy and I could NOT REMEMBER ALL THE HIDING PLACES. We finially located it (thank goodness it was one that HE had hidden teehee). I just got a call and they are joyfully spending at the sales. I am joyfully blogging…Heck I’m happy as a clam, I’m not a Mall kinda girl..I hate to shop.(well you know..unless it is a quilt shop)

They all want to go see “Marley and Me” this afternoon….normally I don’t go to movies on opening weekend but where my family goes….SO GO I. Oh well, a big bag of popcorn and a movie then home for Chili and a rousing game of “CLUE” seems to be on the ticket for today…

Home your holiday weekend continues to be fun!
PS. I’m seriously considering KEEPING UP with stash busting in ’09. I read Judy Laquidara’s blog regularly so I may have to do the stash busting thing…you know…it’s like a 12 step program for faboholics……….and I’m deep in addiction. I’ll report back on this new years resolution!