How beautiful a day can be when friendship touches it.
-Author unknown
Saturday…so many things to do around the house, we are in the middle of holiday time I believe! HMMM should we (Deb and I) stay home and get things done…HECK NO we are barrelin’ down the road as usual! Once again I’m in the car with Debbie on my way to Sweet Home. I needed to build some kits with Melissa and Becky and Gretch, Karin and Kristi were planning on havin a little mini sewing day! So sounds like a party HUH? Well, in walks Leslie, then Pat, Reva, Christine and Sarah…next thing you know we have takin over the shop and its PARTY TIME! We took a class photo just to prove this quilt shop IS the place where “Everybody Knows Your Name” or in my case….WHERE EVERYBODY HAS YOUR NUMBER (scarey huh?) and yes that is me peeking out of the Christmas Trees. So if I’m ever in need of a laugh..I’ll just go park myself at Melissa’s. She really should not have named that shop Sweet Home because we ALL JUST CALL IT MELISSA’S.

With Silver Thimble Quilt Club beginning a new chapter in our sewing lives in January, excitement builds over our new home. We will be making my body pillow “Wrapped in Comfort” and “Pinwheel Parade” during the first quarter in ’09.. Can’t wait, we should be off and running soon, people are emailing me daily to join this outstanding group of quilters. Melissa will offer the kits on her web site in ’09 for her internet based Silver Thimble Quilt Club as well…I want to get Mary Ellen and the Little Quilts gang involved…so things are really on the MOVE! I’m so excited and so honored to be continuing the club after the closing of Stitch N Quilt. We will be continuing the memory making on a regular basis again! I love these women and all the rest who are part of our club…there are simply no words. (A lack of words is sayin’ a lot for me!)

Later (I’m still not being productive today) Oh well we are going out to dinner with friends tonight..I’ll be productive tomorrow.