A bird does not sing because he has an answer. He sings because he has a song.”
–Joan Walsh Anglund

I’m to do a guild talk and workshop in Blairsville Georgia tomorrow and Tuesday. Packing the quilts (50!) and materials for the workshop. Quilt boy is loading them in the car and off we go to the North Georgia Mountains! FUN HUH?

The girls came home with boy friend and husband and we had a birthday weekend with DAD.. The girls absolutely could not wait to throw a surprise party for Andy. He turned 60 today.. Dang I’m married to an old man…and me so young! hahahaha.. We had an absolute blast and he was certainly surprised when a about 30 people came crashing through the doors with party hats and horns…it was GREAT. Andy was presented with a shash and crown..hilarious… I told Andy it didn’t matter what the stock market was doing…all he had to do is look at his children and know how wealthy he really is…
Emily and Mary Beth gave a great toast to their dad and we had a wonderful time!

After everyone had left on Saturday night I walked into the keeping room and look what I found..I swear it was my brother in law reading a golf magazine and my sister in law reading a quilting magazine. I laughed my head off and Emily snapped a picture! PRICELESS.

I will only be home for one day then I’m off to Panama City for another lecture/workshop. Ok so don’t worry about me I’ll be looking at the beach and listening to the waves! AHHHH. I’m going to take my sewing with me so I can sew in my “Off” time…I can’t wait! I can’t wait to party down with the Florida quilters!

Actually if I don’t get some sewing done in the next two weeks I know I won’t be able to sew for awhile as my surgery looms ahead. DANG

Have a quilty day,