Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future. We make discoveries about ourselves.
-Gail Lumet Buckley

Andy and I were getting dressed to go to a New Years Eve party at friends house when the doorbell rang… It was Emily and Russ who came HOME to surprise us! We were so excited and happy to have them AGAIN…The newly weds live in TN and have been driving so much during all the wedding festivities and planning we could not believe they wanted to come HOME again!

We have had the most wonderful time just being together, everyone lounging in “our comfy clothes” taking down decorations,(wow is that fun when 5 people pitchin! I hope they are coming back next year!!) making soup and wings, eating all the goodies left over from XMAS and playing MANY games of CLUE. There has been loads of football too (GO DAWGS). The girls and I went and bummed around some antique stores this afternoon we needed to prove to ourselves that we COULD GET DRESSED AND OUT OF THE HOUSE. We are going to have Mexican food tonight then home for a movie. PERFECT. Emily has gone to have a girl dinner with some of the bridesmaids and she is also going to Callanwolde for a photography exhibit. We will try to struggle on without her….(I bet she comes home early!!! she wouldn’t want to miss the fun)

I’m baking homemade sourdough rolls. I put my thimble on the dough to show you what I am going to be doing before we go out to eat…how much fun am I having!!!!!!!!! I started hand quilting my Whig Rose wall hanging. This is another “GOAL” for ’09..more hand quilting and hand applique’ projects. Projects “Just for Me” and not always a Silver Thimble project. HUM we will see if time will allow me this luxury. I’ll take a picture of the Whig Rose and chat about it tomorrow.

Later…off to quilt.
I have not walked into the sewing room those BAGS of scraps are in THERE!!!!!