Imagination is more important than knowledge

Two busy days (so what’s new!) have kept me from blogging. I swear I run from one thing to the next. I’m sure we all feel the same way! Speaking as a wife, mother, quilter, designer etc. etc. I think I’m busier now than I was when my children were little and needed every minute of my attention. I thought these were supposed to be the quiet relaxing years. Ha! But on the other hand….I wouldn’t have it any other way I just needed to remind myself that busy is busy but not all bad, I’ll step off my soap box now.

This beautiful lady is one of the Silver Thimble Club members her name is Mercidene…She is a terrific person and a quilter that brings such joy to her quilts and our club. I love her shirt..It says “Quilters Search Engine” “If I can’t remember where I put it do I it have to count as part of my stash?” The drawing if of a quilter bending over in a not so flattering pose. hahaa way to go Mercidene.

This quilt just knocks me over. It is being made by Kristie aka..her majesty queen of all block of the months! It is a Jan Patek quilt with HONKER (my expression for big) blocks. Kristie is needle turning it to perfection. I just love it. I’m planning a mid night theft of the quilt soon. Watch out K. I’ll wait till she gets done hand quilting it.

I am having another knee surgery (replacement aka I’m getting my knee chopped off again) Feb 10. This is why I’m trying to get 10 zillion things done in a hurry. See paragraph 1. I will post and blogg as much as I can before the big event @#$%^&*()$%^$%^%^&&*(!

Have a quilty day,