Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.


Silver Thimble Quilt Club in Grayson Georgia is underway! We had 3 fabulous classes this weekend. Friday 10- 3 Friday 6-11 and Sat. 10-3. Everyone arrived smiling and glad to be together in a fabulous new home. The church fellowship hall worked very well for us. The kitchen is terrific and we don’t have to stress ourselves out about food (THANK GOODNESS!!) we all brought our lunches/dinners and snacks…Never a shortage of food where quilters gather that is for sure! About half of the “Thimbles” worked on my pattern Pinwheel Parade and enjoyed the kits from Melissa’s shop Sweet Home Quilt Co. The rest of the Timbles worked on other projects and EVERYONE had a great time. Look at the stain glass window in the sanctuary of the church..they put a Dresden Plate window…so see it was meant to be that we would sew at this church!

Here is Karin’s Star Gazing quilt. I love the way she put a gorgeous red on the back of the quilt. The red is totally unexpected and WONDERFUL. The quilt was made from Minick and Simpsons Prarie Paisley line and well….most of the Thimbles know well how much I love their stuff. YUM YUM. I’m appointing myself chairman of their fan club! Good job Karin! My pattern + Praire Paisley= Silver Thimble Heaven!

During the Winter Stitch in ’08 we played Left, Right, Center for Patriotic Nine Patch blocks. Sarah G. won! She was challenged to make a quilt from the blocks she won and DANG if she didn’t meet the deadline of having it finished by Winter ’09!!! and the quilt is awesome! I love the warm antiquey feeling of the quilt. HOWEVER the quilt poses a problem for me. We played the same game for blocks (red and tan) at the Summer Stitch In. Guess who won? me. The pressure is on now for me to design and finish a quilt in time for the summer stitch in…..YIPESSSS. And guess whose idea it was for this little challenge??? I can get myself into more messes. Way to go Sarah (can I just copy yours?)

More pictures tomorrow from our wonderful weekend. Don’t cha wish you were there???

I’m spending all day in the studio, I have a huge deadline. One of those secret things I’m not allowed to talk about. I JUST HATE THAT..

Have a quilty day,