Set positive goals and reasonable expectations

-Steve Strasser

This is the time that we think about New Years resolutions…I think I need to examine some REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS in a couple of areas! The most pressing issue in my sewing life is my excessive scraps. Resolutions rarely work for me so I’m trying to think of some good “Goals” and leave them at that.

I have lamented quite often that my scraps we a HUGE issue in my sewing life. I have a ton of scraps! This first photo is proof. I’m so ashamed! I heard Bonnie Hunter speak at the Cotton Boll guild and also took a workshop from her in ’08. She said about scraps that they cost $8 – $10.00 just as much as a whole uncut piece of fabric! WELL this just sent me further into saving every piece of fabric I come across on the PLANET . Heck these babies are worth some $$$$ . The first picture is an example of SOME of my scraps.(This is like airing your under ware for the whole world to see!) There is more… These are very large baskets holding scraps, much of which is organized by color. There are 4 more large baskets in the closet I would need a wide angle lens to get it a into one picture (you get the gist of this I’m sure). So what am I to do about this? I have a very well organized and workable scrap closet (it is a walk in closet/ small room with a window and shelving on the left and right sides. But then there are the baskets and baskets of scraps. I decided to make a list of ideas of what to do with the scraps…Perhaps I can get some better ideas from Blog friends.

1. Find a giant shredder then throw the scraps in the woods for the birds to make condos…hell entire cities!
2. Donate the scraps to my guild.
3. I have a friend Cacey who is moving to Virginia..I could sneak over to her house while they are packing the van and stick them in the van…by the time she unpacks them they will be 3 states away!
4. Cut them into manageable usable increments…a la Bonnie Hunter. Good idea.. BUT… this would get accomplished HOW? and during THIS MILLENIUM?? ps! this would involve ironing every single scrap!
5. Use the scraps to make charity quilts for an organization I like to support…for me that would be Hospice. HMMM
6. Add a workshop to my Guild workshops on my website and use the scraps. (This would entail HAULING the scraps all over the place!)
7. Burn the scraps..(gas logs..nope)
8. Pick up one OR two of those people on the side of the road that hold up those “Will work for Food” and give them a mat and a rotary cutter then go make supper for them..Not a bad idea but this could take a month and I don’t want that much company.

So what did I do? I put all the scraps into Tall Kitchen Bags..for the record I filled 13 bags. Here is a picture of 10 of them. I’m thinking about this and I will take suggestions. I am partial to #1, 3, 4 and 5. In the mean time I’m forming a 12 step group for Crappy Scrappers...Oh please forgive my wicked excessive ways! I hope Andy is not reading this blog! I’m setting as my first goal of ’09 to make a decision on what to do with the scraps by Jan 7th!

Ok I’m waiting for help!