To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.
-David Viscott

Sunday morning and the newly weds will be leaving this afternoon to go back to TN. I’m sad already…What a wonderful surprise for New Years to have them here again. It was relaxing and cozy, wonderful family time. Russ had never played CLUE and he dominated the winning category. WON every game.. That was so much fun! (We are a board game family).

This has nothing to do with quilting but I am so thrilled to have a special family piece up and working again. This Grandfather clock was purchased as an antique when I was about 9 years old. In Wiesbaden , Germany. I have such fond memories of the clock chiming the Westminster chimes and of my father and I raising the weights in the clock. Well, it has been dormant for a number of years, Andy got a college friend of his that is “Into” clocks to come look at it. He got it up and running. It is keeping great time but the chimes are not. It is going to have to be taken apart and cleaned, oiled and put back together. Warren hooked us up with someone who will come get the clock and do that for us in the coming weeks. Right now the ticking of the clock and occasional chimes make me think of my wonderful father who I loved so much. It is simply comforting to me.(and a tiny bit sad).. Warren did some research on the clock and he thinks the clock was made between 1880 – 1920..more likely around 1913. We took a few pictures before Warren came to look at it. I thought I would share them today.

Russ is in the kitchen cooking “BISKIES”. He makes a DELISH bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. He makes them every Sunday before they head back to TN. Don’t you wish you had one of these babies! Poor guy now he is stuck makin them for us for the rest of his life!

Here is the promised photo of the Whig Rose wallhanging I am hand quilting. I just love this design. It is a Kim Diehl pattern from her book “Simple Blessings”. My “Goal” is to have this quilted by the end of January.. hmm we will just see about that one!!

Happy Sunday. Hope yours is full of good quilting!! I will be quilting this afternoon.