We are each other’s reference point at our turning points.
-Elizabeth Fishel

I asked everyone at the workshop I taught on Friday to send me pictures of their completed projects…and ZIPPITY DO DAH here pictures from Diane and Patsy. Diane worked on Stringin Along and Patsy worked on Good to Go. The both finished quickly as these are very fun and fast projects. I challenged everyone to not add another UFO to their sewing rooms…CONGRATS Diane and Patsy YOU DID IT!!

I woke up this morning prepared mentally to spend all day on new designs and projects that are in the “works.” My coffee pot had a different plan for me!
A RIVER OF COFFEE was all over the counter (and seaping into the grout at the tile backsplash..Well after I got that cleaned up I realized my day of working at home in my comfy house clothes (Don’t ask you will NEVER SEE ME in them) was not going to be in the plan this morning. So off I go to get a new coffee pot. DANG. Don’t cha just hate it when you have to go spend $$ you were not planning to spend. Oh well it is better than no hot coffee in the AM right? I’ve got the think programed as I aways to go off at 6:30. I love to “Wake up and SMELL THE COFFEE” hahaha.