When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either. -Leo Burnett

Tomorrow is the DAY!! WOO HOO. The Silver Thimble Club has our first meeting in our new home at Highlands Presbyterian Church in Grayson. We are all so excited to be back together and sewing. Some of the members are working on Pinwheel Parade. Melissa at Sweet Home has got the kits ready! If anyone outside of our area wants to order a kit, contact Sweet Home Quilt Co.

I got a delivery from the UPS man…a box of MANY fabrics from a distributor for me to use in my designs. Now this is WHAT I LOVE!!! Fun with fabbies! I’m working on designs right now for Spring Market (can’t show cuz it’s a secret..dang) I’m having so much fun again with the whole creative process I can’t even describe it. Just smile really big and you will know how I am when I’m upstairs in the studio.

I’ll post pictures and blog on Sunday after our club meeting tomorrow and Saturday. More smiling people!

Have a quilty day,
sorry I’m pictureless today!