Fall Down Seven Times, get up eight
-Japanese proverb

I said the other day that if I don’t sew something, read something or blog something I think I’m going to go CRAZY

My recovery from knee replacement surgery is going VERY well. The doctors have made me more comfortable this time around… This is short hand for they are giving me some kind of powerful drugs. I don’t metabolize meds well so the doctor is SOCKIN IT TO ME THIS GO ROUND. There in lies the problem, can’t read, can’t sew, and my lap top has not been kind to me with not picking up my router so…I’ve been stuck in the land of exercising the knee 3x per day, 10 hours per day on the CPM machine, and sleeping off the meds. All is going well but it is boring.

Thank you so much for your posts and cards and phone calls and visits from my local quilting friends. YOU ALL TRULY LIFT ME UP!

I improvised and put my book light on the end of my walker so I can see to get up in the night…it’s hilarious. Now I am using the cane to I clamped the think on my cane! I’m going to get a horn so when I go out into the world I can clear the decks.

Also, if you read Melissa’s blog she made reference tony PEAS VS CORN comment. Well, here is my response…and yes I just took a pain pill! I have taken it upon myself to do a scientific study as to which vegetable works the best when icing the knee, (my doctor doesn’t believe in ice machines..he says just get bags of peas…. WELL SO FAR after 18 days of INTENSE RESEARCH I have determined that Peas are the best..and preferably..BLACK EYED PEAS. (They hold up nicely) So you see I have been very busy.

I have also managed to work on some new designs while hanging out in the recliner. We will have to see if they look as good OFF MEDICATION as they look while on meds. I have spring market in Pittsburgh in May so I need to try to keep up during recovery.

I’m getting very good reports on my progress from my in home therapist. I am motivated and working so hard to regain my life, and I want to get off these drugs…they just fog up an already foggy brain… VERY SCARY.

I will try to post again tomorrow. I can’t really sit at the PC in the office for any length of time..so if my lap top decideds to communicate with my router I can post. I need a visit from the Geek Squad again! dang.

Sew something for me,