Happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results
-Dennis Wholey
I’m back from the Quilters Paradise in Panama City Florida…….WOW did I have a wonderful time! The retreat was fantastic. The facilities were great. The quilters were amazing! I taught an all day workshop from my “How Does YOUR Garden Grow” pattern. We talked and learned from each other and shared and worked all day… The day FLEW BY and I feel I have made new friends! I’m hoping they send me some pictures of their finished quilts. They all said they felt like they learned so much during our day but here is the interesting part….I learned from them as well! Every time I do a lecture or class I see things I would change and “tweek” and present differently. I think that if we stop learning…we just die! Right?

Here is a picture of the view from my hotel room. Not bad HUH?? Don’t worry about me I just suffered through it. Also here are some of the girls sewing in class. Waving to all of you my new “THIMBLES”. I can’t wait till we meet again

I also did my ABC’s of quilting lecture which was fun. 50 quilts to show and lots of information. The lecture was running long so I zipped through the end of the alphabet and didn’t get to some topics I usually get to…oh well maybe next time.

I’m certainly in reality mode now that I’m back home. Surgery is one week from tomorrow and I have 3 weeks worth of stuff to do before next Tuesday. Will blog with more photos of my trip…but for now I must go, I have a lunch meeting with BAD MELISSA.

I hope someone is sewing today..cuz I’m NOT

PS wait till you see the pincushion I took a picture of!