Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.
– Henry Ford

Well this quote is certainly appropriate for the last few days, and the coming days. My surgery is tomorrow. Can you feel that? butterflies. I’m hoping my doctor and the whole O.R. team has a wonderful restful weekend and a good breakfast! This surgery is a roller coaster for sure. I don’t normally get anxious, but this time I know what is coming so I feel a tiny bit anxious. The other part of the roller coaster is that I also know what is coming after the bad stuff…So I’m going to CONCENTRATE on that! I can’t wait. I can’t wait to live without constant knee pain. I can’t wait to go for long walks with Andy (we already have talked and made plans for that!) I can’t wait to walk “two footed up and down stairs” (it may be a while for that one! but I’ll get there!).

I am motivated to rehab this knee like a maniac! I have so much to get back to! My family life and all that brings me joy everyday, Spring Market looms, and Silver Thimble Club is at the center of my quilting heart. I have new designs in the works and a new BOM Debbie and I are collaborating on! So much to enjoy, so much to keep me looking forward and focused. Keep your eye on the goal Pat (that was a member of the committee that lives in my head speaking).

I have been cleaning and fixin’, cooking.. and working so much around the house. You would think I’m NESTING... This is nuts. I was cleaning fan blades at 10 pm last night, and Andy had just cleaned them. I need to put a stop to this nonsense, I’m cleaning a clean house. Maybe I have more of a problem with this than I thought. Oh well I’ll think about that while I’m on pain meds.

I needed to post this photo here is the “real” quilt Glory Bound that Little Quilts is kitting up for Silver Thimble Club. These are the actual fabbies. I think it is really spectacular. I don’t know the costs of all the quilts for next quarter. I will find out and post soon! (well you know…when I’m lucid!) Also, there is a change in the Strippy Stars quilt. I spoke to Melissa and we decided to change the quilt to batiks. The pink and brown thing was not the best choice (not as much variety). See my last post for these two quilts.

Debbie and I went to Bulloch Hall Guild workshop on Friday with Jean and Nemo. Kathy Kansier was the teacher and WOW did we have some fun. (this was my gift to myself prior to huh?) The workshop was technique based, we learned so much about different finishings for quilts. She gave us lots o’ tips. She started the workshop by saying that we should call our husbands and tell them to order pizza because we were going to be tired when we got home. She wasn’t kiddin either. We worked NON STOP…woofed down a sandwich at lunch and went back to work. We worked until 4:30. Kathy will be teaching at the Sewing Expo here in the Atlanta area. If you get a chance….take a class from her she really packs a lot o’ info into her class. Money well spent!

Here is Debbie showing off her scalloped borders. I’m thinking she could make this into a pattern what to you think?? We had so much fun! I can’t wait to try some of the new new stuff we learned. Another motivation for rehab on the knee! see I will be on roller skates within two weeks!

My book club is coming over tonight. Only I would schedule company the night before surgery! I’m serving chocolate fondue…yum yum. We read the “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” book…I LOVED IT! (thanks Deb for the recommendation) If you are a reader I highly recommend this book. Can’t wait to see what our next book will be. ANOTHER reason to rehab the knee. (not easy to read on pain meds…I found that out last time too).

Ok I’m signing off. I’m going to get a post on the blog off when I’m home. Smooches to everyone in blog land. Please sew something tomorrow and think about me.

Have many quilty days ahead,