– Theodore Roosevelt

What a busy last few days. I began my week of “goals” with a couple of days of things FALLING down. The first thing was me. Now…the last thing my doctor said to me was “Don’t fall down” . I did it! Alone in the house talking to my youngest daughter down I went. Couldn’t get the phone to dial out so I had to pull myself up onto the sofa. Suzanne and Cathy came by minutes after I managed to get up. I was shook up. Then in comes Andy, Mary Beth had called him. He called home and I assured him I was ok (sure I was ok I tipped the pain meds bottle right away!) When he got home he went into the laundry room only the find my step ladder set up and the cabinets open.. BUSTED…. earlier that day I got the ladder out so I could fetch my cute little easter decorations. OK I have learned me lesson..I’ll be good from now on.

So I decided to set up a jig saw puzzle. Kathy and Jean had given me one for my bir
thday it is the “Mother Earth and her Children”. This puzzle was kicking my butt. I put it on a large TV tray, got the frame together (took me hours) and was on my way, got out of the chair and knocked the darn thing all over the place. Remember I said things are falling around here. I reset the thing on the dinning room table and began again. Finished it this am…

I have worked a tiny bit on my flying geese. Between the puzzle and and sewing I struggle to sit comfortably in a chair. The knee just does not want to sit in a bent position for more than an hour and a half or so.

I had a little outing at the new quilt shop with Becky yesterday. It was good to get out and be in a quilt shop. The shop looks great and everyone is very happy to see this shop open. I’m so happy for Mita. I don’t think she has a web site yet but I will post a link as soon as she gets one.

I finished reading “The Good Earth” and I am moving on to our next book “Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. This was chosen by Sue one of the members of our book club.

Things are getting better I’m 5 weeks post surgery today. I’m so looking forward to Silver Thimble Club this weekend. I hope I’m physically able to keep up with all the “Thimbles” they are a busy group!!!!! I’m so excited to be showi
ng the 3 quilts for next quarter. They are all wonderful choices. I’m hoping my Thimbles will be ” well pleased.”