It is time for groceries. First let me say that Andy DOES NOT do cooking or shopping. He is wonderful in every way but I have definitely spoiled him in this regard. So we decided to make a little trip together. We went to Wall Mart which I hate on a good day but the choice seemed to be good for all the things we needed. I used one of the motorized baskets and he pushed the big cart. We managed to make it out of the store alive and came home with a new respect for the difficulties of shopping under these conditions. All in all it went well and was good to have another little outing. I took a two hour nap when we got home. So I think it is fair to say I have a ways to go before I’m up to full Silver Thimble speed!

These photos are of my constant post surgery companions. Osma Bin doggie (Sophie), sleeping and picking up her head periodically to check on me. My frozen peas, meds (thank goodness) and my cane with my book light attached for those middle of the night trips to the bathroom. All in all things are moving along very well. I think my progress is excellent. I would like to get off some of the meds but that is going a little slower for my liking… The stuff makes me goofy, I feel like I have a delayed reaction to everything.

Today I am going to set Licorice (my featherweight) up downstairs and do some sewing on a UFO quilt I have been slowly and I mean SLOWLY working on for some time. The dang thing has 480 flying geese units which I have paper pieced and then I have to square them up. I’m starting to put the blocks together. I’ll take some pictures and show you on my next blog. I’m also going to work on some proto type blocks as soon as I can get some fabric downstairs from my upstairs sewing room. hummmm.

Well time for excercises and stupid meds.

I’ll be sewing this afternoon…yipeee!