The future depends on what we do in the present.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Goals met…making more goals trying to work my way back to my normal busy…crazy. I have to show you what happened in my kitchen today. Well first I have to admit that it is MY kitchen. No the DH does not cook, nor does he grocery shop. He has been soooo very wonderful during knee replacement and has done it all!!! I’ll have to tell you about the grilled cheese sandwich he was trying to make me….at a later date. Today is paper towels. I guess we need paper towels so he picked some up at the store. I neglected to give him instructions. This is what happens when he takes matters into his own hands. We don’t use a lot of paper towels but here is what he chose for my wonderful kitchen.. PALM TREES. I am a plain white kinda girl. These paper towel are very disturbing to me. What is next? Race cars? Lovely florals? I don’t know and I’m very scared. This is proof positive that I am getting better and ready to take over MY KITCHEN. I hope I’m not offending half of the paper towel blog reading public here….but I just like my plain paper towels. (Maybe sometime I’ll blog about how I feel about plastic, then you will really be worried about me)

I told you all that I have been hand quilting for the past week…I’m loving it so much but dang! my fingers are so sore! Here is a picture of my Whig Rose wall hanging. It is a Kim Diehl pattern from her book “Simple Blessings.” I should finish it in a day or so. I can’t wait to bind it and hang it soon. I’m doin the happy dance! (well sort of a dance)

Happy Quilting,