I have come to understand that everyday is something to cherish.

-Kerri Strung

While being soooo impatient with myself and the time it takes to recover from knee replacement surgery I need to remind my self of the above quote. And I will. I just want my crazy life back! Oh and this morning I was watching the Today show and there was a DOCTOR on the show talking about knee pain and then join replacement. She said about knee replacement.. “It is painfull for a couple of days post surgery”. A COUPLE OF DAYS… I hope I never see this chick on the street because I will be arrested for assult FOR SURE.. @#$%^&*( $%^&%^&* This is week 6 and I’m still real fond of my prescription bottle. $R%^&*I(%^&*( couple of days my foot………………..

Last Friday and Saturday was our monthly Silver Thimble Club meeting…It was so wonderful to be back with the “Thimbles”. I showed the three new quilt kits for next quarter (April, May, June) and they were so well received by the group. There was something for everyone this quarter. I’m so pleased when they like my choices of patterns and fabrics etc. Big thanks to Mary Ellen @ Little Quilts for getting “Glory Bound” which is our June quilt and to Melissa @ Sweet Home Quilt Co. for getting :”Dancing Stars” and “Batik Strippy Stars ( April and May kits) all prepared for us to order. If any of my blog friends wish to order any of these quilt kits contact either store (see links above) and tell them what you would like. Be sure to mention that they are the Silver Thimble kits. I am including pictures in this blog of the quilts.

Ok so here is the next frontier….the steps up to my studio. I need to be up there working/designing/sewing. It has been kind of pointless to spend much time up there because I really still can’t sit for very long at a machine (or this computer). But things are looking up. Goal for next week is to spend 3 or 4 hours each day upstairs working… pretty good huh?

Yesterday my sewing buds went to the Bulloch Hall Quilt show. I really enjoyed the outing and took a few pictures of the quilts. I promise to post tomorrow. (I’m not sure if I post too many pictures in one blog … you know…am I going to blow up my blogger. Can anyone tell me if there is a maximum the blog can handle??? kinda like emails.

Will post tomorrow.