There is no remedy for love but to love more.
-Henry David Thoreau

I got an A+ from the doctor yesterday. He thinks I am recovering well. Mobility good, range of motion good. Pain expected at this level and keep taking the meds as needed. He said I certain COULD drive but it isn’t a good idea to drive while on medication…WELL HE’S NO FUN!!!

So, next week I concentrate on working in the studio UPSTAIRS. I’m getting my life back! I designed 6 new quilts during my recovery time so they are going into production. I want at least three new quilts for Spring Market which is fast approaching. I love the new stuff and will have to keep it a secret but will share ASAP.

I mentioned that I had been to the Bulloch Hall quilt show on Tuesday. I’m posting a few pictures of some of the quilts and quilters at the show. The first quilt is a Lori Smith design that just knocks me out. I think I must have everyone of her patterns. Have I made any of them? Well we just don’t need to go there now do we? The next quilt was the Sweet Home Quilt Co.’s choice for favorite quilt. Good job Melissa I agree with your most excellent selection. I LOVE red and green quilts. YUM – O. This guild really puts on a very nice show every March. I look forward to going each year. One of my patterns was made up and in the show! They had a category for purses/totes and my Stringin’ Along tote was hanging … what a kick that is for any designer!

See those wonderful quilters sitting at the frame quilting. Well ! they are working on next years raffle quilt which I AM GOING TO WIN… I can’t wait. I wanted to sit down and quilt the day away with them so badly but alas my group was moving on to J. Christophers for a fabulous lunch out. YUM YUM. I was so tired (and in a little bit of pain) I slept for an hour when I got home. I had a to go out with my teacher friends (remember I am a career first grade teacher in my other life). We get together once a month or so…I love them so much. So I had a very busy day.

I have been revisiting my hand quilting life the last few days. Now there is something I can do while resting. I used to hand quilt all the time but not so much in the past few years. I had forgotten how much I love it. I can picture myself hand quilting again on a regular basis! I will post a picture tomorrow of my Whig Rose wall hanging. I should finish it in the next day or so..

It’s POURING down rain today..Good for Atlanta’s drought situation I hope. So, I’m off to get some of the new designs ready to be quilted. I hope everyone is doing some quilting today.