Before Prozac…there was quilting.

After Melisa and I had our most excellent adventure, ok so click her name and there is the link. I really love her but I’m going to have to harass her about the picture.

Both daughters were home this weekend. Unfortunately my SIL could not come home with his bride as he was coaching baseball all weekend. BUMMER! So Andy and Mary Beth went car shopping and Emily and I went all over the dang city of Atlanta shopping. That girl WORE ME OUT. She and Russ have moved to Asheville, well sort of, she has moved and he will join her at the end of the school year. Emily is nesting in their new home and wanted to look for some things for the house. We were in and out of the car a zillion times. When that girl shops I’m telling you, get out of the way!! But here is the thing. RECESSION….I’ve never seen so many people out shopping and traffic OH MY. It was just as bad as Christmas time. I was shocked. I don’t know what is going on but it was really something. At the Mall of Georgia, which has a parking area the size of three small states, every spot was taken. I even had a handicapped tag and could not find a parking spot!!! I know I’ve been cooped up for a while but WOW! Even the restaurants were packed. I’m hopeful that this is a little indication that things are getting better. We can only hope!

I took a picture of this antique yo yo quilt because my friend Sarah is working on repairing one almost like it. Wow this thing was a lot of work. I thought this setting for the Dresden Plate quilt was fun! I hear people are starting to make more dresden plate quilts again. Perhaps everything old is REALLY NEW again. Here is another really stunning quilt. Again you might want to check out Melisa’s blog she really did a great job with SOME of the pictures.

We had a wonderful Easter meal before the girls had to leave. One (Mary Beth) back to college 3.5 hours to the south the other back to Asheville happy to have her job restored and a new home 3 hours to the north.

The reality of market looming is upon me. I made a
list of things I need to get done and it is 2 pages long. It is a horrible rainy day here in Atlanta so I look forward to a day of writing patterns (well sort of). I need to focus and get to work. I’ll whine more later.